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Award-winning columnist and South Pacific eye surgeon, David Khorram, brings together the most popular pieces from his Saipan Tribune column, Better Living. Whether exploring the spiritual side of prosperity, describing the raw joy of someone regaining sight, or recounting the humor of an island phone call, Dr. Khorram manages to reach the mind, the heart and the funny-bone. With this book in hand, expect to laugh out loud and to ponder life's big questions.

"I use this book, along with Tuesday's with Morrie, to give my students something meaningful to read."
Kirk Johnson, PhD, University of Guam
"Intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful and wise, David brings gentle humor to higher thinking. A joy to read, his insights offer a rich model for living well."
Senator Maria Frica T. Pangelinan
15th Northern Marianas Legislature

"Somewhere inside David Khorram's head, three wise men have collided with the Three Stooges."
Lt Cmdr Randy Clark, retired
United States Coast Guard
"Dr. Khorram shares glimpses of life that bemuse and inspire. This delightful medley entertains us while opening our eyes to the bigger picture of what it means to be human."
Daniel Lamar, MD
"Consider this the Chicken Soup for the Soul of Micronesia."

Bob Coldeen, Author of Bumps in Paradise

. As a young eye surgeon, Dr. David Khorram left the offers awaiting him in American's leading medical centers, and boarded a plane for the South Pacific, never to return. Starting in exotic Pago Pago, David has traveled, worked and lectured in villages, hospitals and huts throughout the Pacific. As a writer, he is the recipient of a Governor's Humanities Award. The founder of Marianas Eye Institute, Dr. Khorram is listed in Guide to America's Top Ophthalmologists. David, his wife Mara, and their four energetic children live on the island of Saipan, in the Marianas archipelago.


  1. An Easy Way to Happiness
  2. A Typhoon Called Diabetes
  3. Tsunamis and the Mariana Islands
  4. Reality: Material or Spiritual?
  5. Prosperity: More than the Economy
  6. Touch the Heart of an Artist
  7. The Inconvenience of Peace
  8. A First Essential of Peaceful Relationships
  9. Look in the Mirror
  10. Benefiting from Life’s Tests
  11. Truthfulness: The Foundation
  12. Deviant Behaviors
  13. Medically Underserved
  14. Race, Ethnicity and Medicine
  15. Medical Education
  16. What is Your Destiny?
  17. Seven Reasons Not to Mess with a Child
  18. A New Kind of Election
  19. If You and I Meet on New Year’s Eve
  20. Successful Weight Loss
  21. Sweet Sight
  22. Religious Superiority
  23. A Sneaky Thief
  24. Putting Winning Aside
  25. Secondhand Pee
  26. Fight Back
  27. I ♥ Heroin
  28. Organic Smoke (and Mirrors)
  29. Fighting Rising Crime
  30. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
  31. Beautify CNMI and Hope
  32. Thanksgiving Diet
  33. The Next 100 Years
  34. The Relationship Between Moral Health and a Blind Wife
  35. Time Slowed Down
  36. Saipan Dining Adventures
  37. Thoughts of a Father
  38. Reading Deprivation
  39. Pleasantly Out of the Loop
  40. Revolutionary New Treatment for Diabetes
  41. My Grandma Banoo & Her Yogurt
  42. How to Eat Out with Kids and Keep Your Dignity
  43. The Community’s Untapped Resource
  44. Where Do You Live?
  45. The Golden Rule
  46. Work Ethic
  47. Smiley Eels and Boonie Dogs
  48. The Tide
  49. Sex, Cancer Vaccines and Restraint
  50. Magic and Medicine
  51. Gross National Happiness
  52. Gecko Tails

Acclaim for this Book
Foreword - Kirk Johnson, PhD
Introduction - David Khorram

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