Acclaim for David Khorram's World Peace, a Blind Wife, and Gecko Tails

“Dr. Khorram has the wonderful gift of being able to make us think and laugh at the same time. I nearly always laugh out loud while reading his work. But, his stories never fail to make me stop and reflect on some global issue or one of life’s big questions. He shares with us his unique and refreshing way of seeing the world.”

Don Bader, MD
Global Health Consultant

“Dr. Khorram blends wit, wisdom, care and concern in splashing rainbow colors. His humor, like any good comedy, symbolizes greater depths of truth, pain and joy. Newcomers and old-timers to the islands will find his insights and observations filled with potential, caution and possibility.”

Rev. Ewing W. Carroll, Jr., retired
Methodist Pastor

“This man’s writings define the meaning of peace in the Pacific. He takes us toward the calm harbors during the occasional typhoons and calamities in our daily lives.”

Robert T. Torres, Attorney

“Dr. Khorram stimulates us to explore our own views.”

Joseph Kevin Villagomez
CNMI Secretary of Health

“Dr. David Khorram brings to the literary field a lot of the virtues he brings to the medical field: Intelligence, excellence and insight laced with a heavy dose of humor, foresight and compassion.”

Jeffrey C. Turbitt
Marianas Variety

“A Renaissance man in the western Pacific is an image that has fluttered through my mind more than once while reading Dr. David Khorram’s offerings. His astute thoughts, and knowledgeable commentary on wide-ranging topics, attest to his awareness and interest in life on many fronts. He has an ability to phrase things succinctly, humorously and creatively, and is not above trying to involve his readers in taking an active and positive role in the local and world community. He is a Commonwealth treasure.”

Jeff Schorr
Field Representative
Office of Insular Affairs
US Department of the Interior


“Dr. Khorram’s writing is easy to read and insightful. His writings are humorous, philosophical, and always full of soul. Everyone can relate to the basic human experience that he shares. You will find yourself laughing out loud as you read some of his stories, and seriously re-thinking the human condition as you read his more philosophical writings. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys the writings of a person who portrays an open mind, open heart, and a positive spirit!”

Senator Maria Frica T. Pangelinan
th Northern Marianas Legislature

“Consider this the Chicken Soup for the Soul of Micronesia. Dr. David Khorram offers a potpourri of good advice, on-target observations and musings, all designed to make you healthier in mind and body, and, at the same time, the world a better and nicer place in which to live.”

Bob Coldeen
Author of
Bumps in Paradise

David Khorram’s stories of life in the tropics are like a chilled mango salad on a hot day: so refreshing you don’t even realize they’re good for you too.”

Michael Ernest, Attorney

“David has a way of seeing the big picture while the rest of us are still trying to figure out how to open the box.”

Angelo O. Villagomez
Executive Director
Mariana Islands
Nature Alliance

“Find thoughtful intelligence here. And marvelous insights into daily life and lives. Oh, and add humor, balanced with compassion. David’s thoughts are deep, profound, and he shares them with a lightness that compels you to keep reading… about life, and community and members of that community being like family and embracing the world… to make it better… for us all. You find yourself absorbed by his gentle challenges, then feeling compelled to meet them.”

Annette Donner
Guam’s Liberation

“Reading this book is like spending time with your favorite spiritual adviser, doctor, philosopher, humanitarian, mentor, and best friend. Dr. David Khorram wields his mighty pen to restore vision to his readers, helping us see ourselves and the world with sharper clarity. His sense of humor is, indeed, a bonus.”

Cinta M. Kaipat, Screenwriter
Lieweila: A Micronesian Story

David Khorram’s mind is like a prism for our times. When wisdom shines through his mind, it manifests in beliefs that uplift us, ideas that inspire us, and challenges that urge us to live our lives on deeper, wider, more transcendent and colorful levels of understanding.”

Walt F.J. Goodridge
Author of Turn Your Passion Into Profit

“Absolutely superb, eloquent to the max. I don’t know how he does it, but David always has a way of cutting through the overgrowth, then holding up the thing that really matters and saying ‘This is what we should be talking about.’ And then he’ll explain something so clearly that you find yourself responding with ‘I knew it! I mean, I couldn’t say it before, but now I can!’”

David Yamartino, Engineer

“Physicists accelerate atomic particles at tremendous speed toward each other in order to study the composition of the universe. Dr. Khorram has accelerated a car containing three wise men toward an on-coming car containing the Three Stooges. The result is a fascinating and often humorous consideration of our own humanity and our collective potential for greatness.”

Lt Cmdr Randy Clark, retired
United States
Coast Guard

What's the Book About? (The Back Cover)
Foreword - Kirk Johnson, PhD

Introduction - David Khorram, MD

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Kenneth said...

Dr Taylor teaches us how to attain deep inner peace - easily, simply, without drugs, anytime we want it. Forgive me for doing everything I can to be sure everyone reads this book and sees this video, but I think all of us benefit and in the larger sense, if everyone reads this, our world will benefit in a very large way.